The Perfect Pillow For You

What Is the Perfect Pillow?

The perfect pillow varies from person to person. There are many factors that play into the “perfect pillow.” Having a pillow that is perfect for you is essential for good sleep and plays a big role in your health. Pillows can help with getting enough good quality sleep and can help prevent neck and back pain in many cases. Your body alignment is highly effected by your pillow. Pillows should be adjusted to fit a persons shape and sleeping position. Everyone has different body alignment and shape and that’s why having a unique pillow just for you is important. 

What Makes a Good Pillow

There are many key features that play a role in how good a pillow is. These features can vary depending on the person. 

Important Pillow Features:

  • First, you must figure out your sleeping position. Everyone sleeps in a different position whether you’re a side sleeper, back sleeper, or a stomach sleeper. Knowing your sleeping position is important when looking for a new pillow. 
  • The fill in a pillow could be the most crucial part of a pillow. How much or little fill in the pillow determines how firm or soft that pillow is. Determining how much fill you need is based off of your sleeping position. Typically the type of fill also determines the quality and lasting power of your pillow. 
  • The size of a pillow depends on the size of your mattress or even if you prefer a longer pillow or a shorter pillow. The thickness and thinness of a pillow can also help with neck and pack pain. The size will help keep your spine and body aligned. 
  • Fabric quality differs from many pillow types. the different types of fabric can improve breathability and comfortability. Synthetic materials can cause harm in most cases and make it harder to breathe while sleeping. The fabric can also decide the quality of the pillow and how long it lasts. 

All these qualities and features play together to create the most perfect and comfortable pillow for your liking. They are all very important when picking a new pillow.

How to Choose the Perfect Pillow

So how do you choose the perfect pillow for you? Take all the features into account and figure out what kind of pillow you need. Pillows are significant for better sleep and health and choosing a pillow should take some thought. You need the most quality pillow that works for you.

Take the Pillow Quiz to Find the Best Fit for You!

This quiz is an easy way to find what type of pillow best fits you.

My Personal Review:

Personally, I took the Pillow Quiz and received my designated pillow for testing purposes. The pillow I received was the Out Cold Graphene Pillow. This pillow has so many amazing features such as the cool graphene thread which kept me cool all night. I enjoy more firm pillows and this pillow is perfect due to its firm memory foam core that provides additional support. I usually wake up with neck pain but ever since I started sleeping on the Out Cold pillow I feel great and have no issues at all. Sleeping on this pillow has me never wanting to get out of bed that’s how comfortable it is. The fabric is very breathable and is darker making it less prone to becoming dirty. I certainly recommend this pillows as it is the best thing I have ever slept on!

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