Pure Tree Pillow- The Most Organic Pillow?

What Is the PureTree Organic Pillow?

The PureTree Pillow is a 100% organic cotton pillow that is made purely with natural materials. This award winning pillow was voted the best breathable latex pillow in 2020. Their latex filling is USDA and GOLS certified and is made from the sap of Para rubber tree. So not only is this pillow amazing for your own health, it is also extremely good for the environment. PureTree has done extensive research to find the best and most comfortable design and fill for you. PureTree has thousands of 5-star reviews and is considerably the most organic pillow on the market.

Why Latex?

The average pillow contains so many toxins and chemicals that you breathe in while you sleep. Your sleep and lung health are important so finding a natural pillow with no chemicals is key for perfect healthy sleep. Latex is a natural material found in trees which makes it cleaner to breathe in. So where do you get latex? Latex is harvested from Para rubber trees in Southern Asia and is very similar to the process of harvesting maple syrup. Latex pillows are more breathable due to a natural airflow system. Overall, latex filling makes it easier to breathe at night because of the airflow and natural materials used to make it. 


  • USDA and GOLS certified organic latex
  • Organic cotton pillow cover
  • Adjustable fill
  • Machine washable
  • Anti-microbial
  • Durable and resilient 


  • Contains only organic and natural materials
  • Better airflow
  • More breathable 
  • Custom firmness of the pillow
  • Safer for your body (contains no chemicals)
  • Clean for the environment

Contains latex. Do not use if allergic to latex materials.

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